Apr 29, 2020

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So the last few weeks have seen huge changes for all of us, in terms of work, home-schooling, socialising, and overall living. A dramatic cultural shift that we seem to be adapting to remarkably well. For me as a yoga/fitness/health coach, my work has transformed from hands-on in-person methods to 100% virtual teaching. It has come with plenty of technical hitches and steep learning curves, but five weeks in it is becoming the new norm.

My clients have told me how the Zoom classes are helping to keep some structure in their day, and the movement and breathing is helping them to stay calm and on top of their emotional wellbeing. They tell me that seeing and communicating with the other participants is also very comforting at this time. It certainly is for me, I am really loving teaching my sessions at the moment and it’s amazing how this little screen can bring us all together and help us to maintain a sense of connection. And even previous clients who’ve moved to other parts of the world are now able to take part again!

My ZOOM Yoga & Pilates Fusion classes are every weekday at 9.45am – 10.30am. Please contact me if you’d like to join.

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