Why Natural?


Above: We are moving further and further away from what nature provides...

As much as I care about what I put inside my body, I also have a great interest in what I put on my body. I am concerned about the amount of chemicals that are in the products that we put on our bodies and that we use in our homes. With such an overload of sprays, creams, lotions and potions that the commercial world convinces us we can’t live without, I’m not surprised our bodies are getting confused and cancers are on the increase. We are moving further and further away from what nature provides and are instead putting our trust in ‘scientific breakthroughs’, which I believe are often just cheaper ways to manufacture products.

If you look at your usual moisturiser, you might find the label boasts that it contains jojoba or aloe vera perhaps. But when you read the ingredients, you see that these key substances are often very low down the list and the bulk of the product is petro-chemical based, such as mineral oil, which is devoid of nutrients for the skin and prevents the skin from functioning properly. So why not just use those key ingredients, which we know are full of natural goodness for the skin? That’s what I asked myself, and so began Free Spirited Natural Skincare.

For several years now I have been making my own natural skincare products, and after receiving compliments on the improved condition of my skin, and repeated requests from friends and family to mix up products for them, I am now launching my range of facial skincare products which you can buy through this website’s SHOP facility.

Interview with Danielle Collins, Face Yoga Expert:

You believe that natural products are best – could you tell us why?

Natural ingredients have been used for thousands of years, with proven benefits. Synthetic ingredients are often isolated constituents of naturally occurring ingredients, which are often produced cheaply and at great profit to the manufacturers. However, it is often the synergistic nature of the natural constituent in conjunction with its other properties that makes it so effective, and also safer.

There is also an issue of chemical overload: synthetic ingredients are safety-tested individually, but it would be impossible to test each one when mixed with all other synthetic chemicals that it could possibly come into contact with. If we are using commercially manufactured shower gels, body lotions, deodorants, perfumes, creams etc. there could potentially be thousands of chemicals reacting together, with no known effects on our health.

Why is it important that we look after our skin?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It acts as a protective barrier, almost waterproof, but is actually semi-permeable, enabling substances to pass in and out of the body for healthy skin functioning.

Since up to 60% of what we put on our skin can pass through into the bloodstream, it makes sense to use natural products. Toxins should be able to leave the body through the pores. However, when you use mineral oil (which is in the majority of high street moisturisers and body lotions), it acts like cling film, locking in moisture, but also preventing the skin from breathing properly and functioning effectively. So, short term, the skin feels hydrated, but in the long term it can cause toxin build up and skin problems. Natural cold-pressed oils from vegetable, nut or seed sources hold in moisture but also allow the skin to breathe, and have the addition benefits of containing a wide range of nutrients, which can be absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. So you are effectively feeding your skin!

Having soft, supple skin makes you look and feel great, and looking after your skin can even slow the ageing process.

How do you feel that using natural products can work with a holistic lifestyle?

For me, there is a strong connection between looking after my health, physically, mentally and spiritually. Taking time to look after yourself through daily rituals, whether that be through exercise, meditation or skincare, is incredibly nourishing on all levels. It’s about taking your health and wellbeing into your own hands, which is very empowering.

"Be your best, naturally"