Health and Happiness


I take a holistic approach to health, which incorporates living as close to our natural state as possible, eating wholesome foods, moving our bodies as nature intended, eating food in its natural form, and practicing mindfulness and gratitude. There is no quick fix way to health and happiness, but gradually changing your attitude and lifestyle can go a long way towards making life long changes for the better.


In order to be able to look after others, it is imperative that we first learn how to look after ourselves.  The more energy and better health we have, the more we can offer to those we love.  Nourishing and loving our bodies is something we need to feel worthy of in order to fully experience.  If you feed yourself junk, you will feel like rubbish!  Learning to love yourself, just as you are, takes time and work for many people.  Simple techniques like skin brushing and moisturising can help you to connect with your body and accept it the way it is.  Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy is another hugely empowering way of looking after yourself and appreciating how capable and amazing your body really is.


Setting aside time for meditation and mindfulness can make a huge difference to your happiness levels and general state of mind.  Apps like Headspace are very easy to follow, and having a voice guide you gives some supportive structure to your practice.  Finding the space between the thoughts can give you clarity and calmness, amidst the information overload bombarding us every day.


A tidy desk is a tidy mind.  Having a good clear out of all areas of your home or office might seem like a daunting task, but it can have an incredible effect on your wellbeing.  There is help at hand if you feel unable to tackle the task alone: Christine Wing at Sorted Home thrives on helping create calm out of chaos.

This principle doesn’t just stop there though; the decluttering may also be applied to relationships or emotional baggage.  It is an ongoing process, but well worth persevering with, for clarity and contentment.

"Be your best, naturally"