• “I have been using Free Spirited Purifying Cleansing Balm for around 3 months now and will not be turning back. I have to admit I was a little sceptical of rubbing the oily balm all over my face to remove my make-up, as I was concerned it would sting or irritate my eyes. It doesn’t at all and removes every last bit of my eye make-up! But, the best part is how soft and hydrated your skin feels after cleansing and the lingering uplifting aroma of the product. To get a gentle exfoliation I’ve found the balm works well with a Konjac sponge too. I only use organic products, so have been on a bit of a quest for a good cleanser, believe me I have tried a few – this one ticks all the boxes for me J. Thank you Jenny.”
  • Female 46, London
  • “I’ve been using Free Spirited products for two months and am so delighted with the results, I not only bought another for myself, but three extras as gifts!

    I was prompted to try an all-natural range after my skin went haywire due to the menopause. In an effort to soothe my parched, swollen eyelids, I had tried several high-street-brand eye creams and even visited my GP, but nothing had worked. Jenny offered excellent advice about what petrochemicals do to the delicate skin around the eyes and I immediately stopped using the baby oil I had been using for years in favour of her Purifying Cleansing Balm, which removes even waterproof make-up as it cleanses the face, and her new Revitalising Eye Serum. Within a week, after months of self-conscious anguish, my eyes were back to normal!

    I’ve also been using Free Spirited’s Revitalising Facial Oil. Like the other two products, it not only works like a dream to rehydrate tired, thirsty skin, but smells divine. The scent of the Cleansing Balm, in particular, is resonant for me of holidays, which is no bad way to start and end a day, in my book!”
  • Gill Wing, Lambeth
  • “I am loving the Purifying Cleansing Balm! It makes me feel happy in the morning – the smell is just gorgeous.”
  • Ceri Whitby, Brighton
  • “The Nourishing Facial Oil is absolutely beautiful. I use it daily around the eye and mouth areas. It has definitely improved the texture of my skin, softening the lines. I love the smell and skin feel.”
  • Jane Slater, Somerset
  • “I have spent years using a plethora of skincare products and I have never been convinced that the results will be what they say on the bottle – until now.  The facial wash really takes away all the dirt and grime of the day leaving my skin feeling soft and looking clear. The facial oil absorbs beautifully. This is the first product that makes my 45-year-old skin feel refreshed enough to go without make-up! And if I do want to wear make-up, it goes on smoothly so I use less foundation, saving me money. The scents of the products are lovely. The scents really create feel-good factor. It is great to know they are natural and kind to my sensitive skin.”
  • Rowena Cokayne, Islington


  • “Jenny’s classes are brill, she mixes them up every week to keep us on our toes (sometimes literally). I really look forward to her sessions and I always feel a million times better afterwards.”
  • Linsey McNeill, Wandsworth
  • “I look forward to attending my weekly yoga sessions with Jenny. I really trust her teaching approach and the clear concise direction to every yoga move and position. It is also fun and light, and the studio space is inviting.”
  • Shelly Williamson, Wandsworth
  • “Jenny’s yoga is the perfect balance between a challenging workout and restorative stretching and meditation. I always feel very calm, fit and happy after her class. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
  • Beth Ginsburg, Wimbledon
  • “Jenny’s lessons were very effective for my body and my soul. When you are in your fifties, staying fit can be quite difficult and the yoga was very good for my back pain. Furthermore, the time spent with Jenny was very helpful when my dad died. Yoga and Pilates can treat anxiety if you have a very good teacher.”
  • Erica Orsini, Wandsworth
  • “I always look forward to and thoroughly enjoy Jenny’s mixture of yoga and Pilates.  Although challenging at times, Jenny’s class manages to give me a full workout but leaves me feeling serene, energised and pleasantly stretched! It is slightly different each week so things never feel repetitive. She takes you through each step one movement at a time and always let you move at your own pace, whilst gently pushing you to reach that position you never thought possible. Her encouragement and gentle manner always makes me feel like I’m doing well and I never feel self-conscious. The hour-long session flies by & the relaxing meditative end to the class is never long enough! Her converted beach hut provides a lovely unique space. The music played is always relaxing and Jenny’s own mixture of combined essential oils are burned and waft through the room, leaving you feeling cleansed and uplifted. Beware: Jenny’s classes are addictive!”
  • Rachel Rumbold, Wandsworth


  • “Jenny worked with me as a wellness coach and helped me clarify my thinking at the time, guiding me towards healthier habits. She was very thorough, supportive, clear and to the point, but at the same time, gave a lot of practical advice and feedback and seemed very knowledgeable in her field. I am very grateful to her for helping me steer through muddy waters.”
  • Carolyn Berry, Hackney
  • “I have spent a fortune on buying detox books and years trying to follow the instructions. I have always failed, leaving me feeling a failure and emotionally depleted, which is the opposite of my initial aim. The idea that you introduce small changes to create big changes in the long term has really worked for me. I feel like a different person without feeling that I have had to change me as a person or my lifestyle. I have made the changes without being a ‘holier- than- thou’ bore to my family and friends and I am sticking to them. Jenny’s advice and knowledge is impeccable. I highly recommend taking on this journey.”
  • Rowena Cokayne, Islington
  • “Although I’ve always attempted to eat sensibly, the information that Jenny has given me regarding food and diet has made a huge difference to my weight maintenance and energy levels.  She has encouraged me to vary my diet and expand my cooking skills. With so much conflicting information about healthy eating, it has been invaluable to have guidance in understanding the intricacies of what is good for me personally and why. To be slim and active and on no medication at the age of 74 is something I am very proud of, and give thanks to Jenny for her role in this.”
  • Eleanor Davis, Somerset

"Be your best, naturally"