Nutrition and Health Coaching


I trained with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which is the largest nutrition school in the world.

In their words: “A health coach supports individuals and groups of people in making nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve their health, like a personal trainer does for physical fitness.” I happen to do both! This is what enables me to offer a truly holistic service.

I promote a simple, life-long eating plan, designed to boost health and vitality. Consequently, it will help get you to your optimum weight, without calorie-counting or going hungry.

Most diets start with an extreme detox, then other foods are gradually introduced, which results in quick weight loss followed by weight gain as old habits creep back in. The Free Spirited approach, on the other hand, works by gradually creating awareness of healthy eating, and creating new habits that last a lifetime. Every time you eat something, think about whether it is nutritionally worthy or not. Take it slowly and don’t be hard on yourself if you have something you that doesn’t serve you. Gradually introduce these changes and over time you will improve your perception of what to eat, and re-educate your taste buds to enjoy the deliciousness of natural, healthy, nutritious food.

I feel that our culture has taken us far away from natural foods, and we often take for granted the fact that food comes to us processed and packaged, without thought of its natural state. I am convinced that the profit-making mentality of large manufacturers is largely responsible for our poor diets and soaring obesity rates. It is undoubtedly much healthier to eat food in as natural a state as possible, fresh and full of life, where nature’s abundance fills us up with the correct balance of nutrients for energy and wellbeing.

I want to be able to avoid added chemicals in foods as I do with skincare products that are only there to lengthen shelf life and increase manufacturer’s profits. I want to eat real food, as it is meant to be. Conversely, I also take care not to get sucked into the profit-making world of ‘health foods’, but to eat real food, which by my definition is superfood in itself.

You will find plenty of good advice here, but if you would like more personalised support with adapting healthy eating and lifestyle habits, you can book health coaching sessions with me. Please contact me to book an initial consultation.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food” – Hippocrates

"Be your best, naturally"