Holistic Personal Training


In addition to teaching Yoga and Pilates, I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer, covering gym equipment, body weight exercises, indoors or outdoors training, nutrition / weight control and lifestyle assessment.

The name Free Spirited reflects the desire to be unattached to any strict exercise regimen, and the freedom associated with exercising anywhere, without the need for expensive or cumbersome equipment.

I love to train my clients with simply their own bodies, without the need for a gym or equipment, as I believe this enables the client to get a balanced approach for their whole body and the freedom to exercise anywhere.

Holistic Personal Training takes into account more than just getting your body to look a particular way. It’s a much more all-encompassing concept, and primarily involves finding out exactly what makes you tick, as that is how you are going to make exercise a part of your life, long term. Running, walking or cycling outdoors can add so much more to the theraputic experience than doing these things within the confines of a gym, particularly if you are generally office-bound. Being out in the elements can be so revitalising! Of course, on the other hand, there is the comfort of your own home, or my charming Garden Studio retreat, if that’s what you prefer.

Following a detailed assessment, I will be able to devise a personal plan for you, and can suggest exercises / activities in addition to your sessions, to help make fitness as accessible as possible.  If you would like to know more please contact me.

"Be your best, naturally"