Are we really living longer, or are we dying longer?

Feb 5, 2016

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It’s not normal to be on medications for life, although it is widely accepted and expected in today’s world.

Although I’m not advocating you go against the advice of your doctor, I do urge you to acknowledge that drugs manufacturers are profit based companies, who depend on your ill-health for their continued sales.  Drugs are very often not necessary, if you detoxify and work with nature.  Taking a closer look at your diet and lifestyle is often all you need to identify where your health concerns may stem from.  Our bodies are cleverer than you think!

Disease is an imbalance in the body, which can take years to manifest. Rather than solely searching for cures, let’s get to the root of the problem and examine how we can prevent these imbalances and live in a state of homeostasis.

Have you experienced an improvement in your health since cleaning up your diet and lifestyle? Please share your experiences, as I’d love to hear about them.

One thought on “Are we really living longer, or are we dying longer?”

  1. As a medical doctor, I agree with and appreciate your efforts to revive and focus on maintaining health using the ‘preventation is better than cure’ model and to reset the body’s equilibrium using natural means such as our diet and holistic care.

    During the UPW event, I have experienced more energy and vibrancy just by changing my routine and eating fruits, hydrating with water and keeping active and feeling good.

    Kudos to you and more grease to your elbows

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